Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of using Race Speed Profiles?

Race Speed Profiles (RSPs) give you the edge by measuring a runner’s level of energy exertion in three parts of a race; the early, middle and the late closing sections. Using sectional times and Incremental Velocity Rating’s (IVRs) gives punters an overview of each horse’s speed in each section relative to the average speed benchmark of all the runners in the race.

The great news is not only are they a source of winner after winner and profit year after year, but they are presented in an easy to read and digest format. Perfect for the average punter who doesn’t have to have a high level math degree to understand them.

Primarily focusing on Sydney and Melbourne Saturdays, with the odd carnival meetings around Australia also covered, each race is dissected in a way that has never been available to the public prior to the Race Speed Profiles. These Race Speed Profiles are the absolute cutting edge product available in racing.

The data profiles we have been able to build on horses tells us their overall general ability and how other factors suit them such as the track, distance, wet or dry, where they are in their preparation etc. We are able to really nail down the performance that each individual horse can expect to achieve.

The Daily Race Meeting reports are powerful to have on hand when reviewing future races or profiling the performance of an individual horse’s effort on the day against other runners.

Individual race reports shall generally be made available within 48 hours after running the last race at a major metropolitan or professional race meeting during the week, weekends or public holidays.

Where can I purchase these detailed reports?

All our reports are made available in our secure online store with various payment options. The detailed reports will assist in gaining a better insight on the various ways sectional times can be utilised in profiling the strength and weakness of a race or individual horse.