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Like most punters, I started out using a conventional form of analysis, like handicapping, when I first became interested in the wagering side of racing in the early 1980s.

From those early days, I developed an unquenchable desire to learn every aspect of form analysis, in particular the effect of time and more specifically what sectional ability has on the outcome of a race.

It led me to studying international methods, before reapplying them for Australian race conditions.
Daily Sectionals is the result of that seemingly endless search.

It was in 1981 that I first learned the importance of time in relation to a horse’s performance.
The one thing that stuck in my mind the most was former top trainer Cyril Beechey (trainer Gay Icarus etc) tipping me a horse called Mr. Magic in the Oakleigh Plate.
He told me it would win the race at odds of 100/1. It ran second. I was intrigued and asked him how he knew that horse was going to run so well.
His response was simply, he knew how fast the horse could run from point A to point B, at his own training track and that gave him the ability to understand the quality of that horse. He knew Mr Magic was good enough to win, at that level because of times.

That is when it was crystallized in my mind that I absolutely had to understand all aspects of sectionals times.
From then on I started to think outside the square.
I went to America for a period of time to analyzing various data information and how it was collated and used for sectional times in their form analysis.
From there onwards, I was clocking horses myself; at first through video tape machines, right up to state of the art clocking technology which I use today.
The whole time, I always felt this was the holy grail of form analysis.

After visiting America, I got really serious about coming up with the right method for Australian racing, as it is very different to the US.
I asked myself; how could I best comprehend and understand how I assess the true profile and class of a horse through sectional times?

Specifically in the last decade, I have continually refined and improved the method so it can be understood in simple terms, like converting the sectional numbers to margins.
I now use cutting edge, live streaming captured technology to collate the data. This is highly sophisticated and is

delivered through live streaming feeds.

I have been providing sectional reporting to Andre Kassay Racing Victoria Raceday stewards Panel form Analyst who has been diligent in ensuring all major Victorian racecourse  adopt  (orange fluoros) as key distance markers around the course correctly. It has now become standard for most tracks around Australia.

I am passionate about providing customers with accurate data so they can interpret the information how they like.

Overall my main desire is to provide the tools that better assist the average punter and allow everyone to be better informed when making their wagering decisions.

Daily Sectionals has been designed to cater for all level of punters.
From those who simply wish to obtain accurate sectional data, the information is all here. For the more serious punter, there is benchmarking history that allows you to assess today’s runners against those top horses that have come before them.

I sincerely hope this information helps you become a better punter.

All the very best and good punting,
Vince Accardi.


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Letter of Commendation

After personally pulling apart sectional times for a number of years, IVR has become a terrific time saver.

Throughout the racing world, many very serious punters increasingly draw upon sectional data when determining investments.

Vince Accardi has crafted this product to be both user-friendly, and extremely powerful for accomplished players.

multimedia form analyst / journalist
multimedia form analyst / journalist