Introducing A New Era In Horse Racing Analysis

Racing Analytics Professional introduces a new era in horse racing analysis with our IVR module. This module not only offers sophisticated analytical tools but also emphasizes sectional benchmarking and the use of accurate, verified times. Discover a blend of features like pricing modules, expert form mode, and detailed race analytics that transform your approach to race analysis. Join us in redefining horse racing understanding with technology that gives you an authentic edge.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sectional Benchmarking: Offers in-depth comparison of horses’ performance segment-wise for insightful race analysis.
  • Accurate Verified Times: Provides reliable and precisely validated timing data for each race.
  • Advanced Form Guide: Delivers extensive past performance data, aiding in more accurate predictions.
  • Pricing Module: Equips users with advanced algorithms for better odds evaluation.
  • Live Yard Insights: Gives real-time updates, offering strategic advantages on race days.
  • Comprehensive Race Reviews: In-depth post-race analysis for understanding performance trends.
  • Advanced Analysis Tools: Involves sophisticated analytical methods for deeper insights into race data.
  • Backwards Simulation: Enables users to analyse races retrospectively, understanding key factors that influenced outcomes, profit and loss and strike rates.
  • Upcoming Shortlisting: Provides a feature to identify and track potential top performers in upcoming races, aiding in strategic planning.

“Join the Winners’ Circle with Advanced Analytics”

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