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Averages are based on 1160 records = Moonee Valley 1200m first 4 runners across the line only on Good To dead going only (at track & dist)



1ST SECT 1200M RACE = F400M/ 1400M RACE= F600M/ ALL RACE BEYOND 1600m are standardised to 1600m 1st section will always be 800M

2nd & 3rd Section is the last two 400m splits = 1200m (2nd section) equals 800 to 400 (3rd section) last 400m

1Smps/2Smps/3Smps is each raw sectional time converted to Meters per Second


MPS Marg. = Meters per Second margin is formulated from the Total Race MPS Karuta Queen 16.91mps (sum total of 1st three sections 17.06+17.09+16.74=50.89/3=16.97) then is expressed in lengths, example Red Rain 16.78 mps (beaten MPS Margin - 4.9 Lengths) *official beaten margin was 5.5 Lengths, difference being 0.6 lengths better performance than official beaten margin, all other runners performed on or around the official beaten margin, the main advantage of MPS is it gives greater insight to the runner's performance at the distance by gauging the incremental velocity through each section

Totals Vs Ave is based on the overall averages of the 1160 records (F4 on G-D going at Track/Dist) expressed in lengths.

Rank is highest Karuta Queen: +5.3 Rnk (1) & Lowest Vatican -5.4 Rnk (8).

Section By Section (header)

Section By Section (header)

1S Vs Ave 2S Vs Ave 3S Vs Ave are based on the overall averages of the 1160 records (F4 0n G-D going Track/Dist) expressed in lengths.

Totals Vs Ave is the sum total of the three splits- example Karuta Queen +7.5(1S avg) -3.10(2S ave) +0.9(3S ave) = +5.3 (all numbers are rounded).

Totals Vs Ave

Last 800M Splits (Header) is 4X 200m finishing splits all expressed in Lengths against averages of the 1160 records.

Totals Vs Ave

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